Little Lamb Preschool


At Little Lamb Preschool, we provide a caring environment in which your child can learn and grow in the love of Jesus, our savior.  Through daily interactions and activities, your child will learn and develop spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.  For more than 30 years, our mission has been to bring Jesus to as many preschool-age children as possible by providing them with a Christ-centered education.

Little Lambs


  • To provide a rich Christian environment for your child so that he/she may grow in the love of Jesus, our Savior and Friend.
  • To provide interactions and activities designed to develop your child’s self esteem and positive feelings toward learning.
  • To provide experiences that meet your child’s needs and stimulate learning in all developmental areas – spiritual, physical, social, emotional and intellectual.
  • To increase your child’s ability of creative expression through music, art, dramatic play, literature, nature walks, field trips and games.
  • To increase your child’s ability to get along with other children and adults outside his/her family situation.
  • To help your child learn responsibility by providing many opportunities for him/her to make choices.
  • To help your child learn to share, wait, take turns and be patient.
  • To learn to follow simple directions.
  • To develop strong bodies through exercise and controlled use of muscles (large motor skills).
  • To strengthen and develop small motor skills through experimentation with different types of paper, crayons, markers, chalk, paint, glue, clay, etc.

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