Joining Jesus on His Mission

JoingJesusMissionSDDivine Shepherd Book Study
Divine Shepherd is kicking off 2018 with a deep dive into "Joining Jesus on His Mission". Everyone - young, old or undecided - is encouraged to buy (or share) a book from the table in the Atrium for $10 and follow along as we explore this insightful book by Greg Finke on "How to Be an Everyday Missionary".
There are two ways to participate: a 4-week sermon series and a 10-week small group discussion.

The sermon series
Led by Pastor Chapman and Pastor Mark during regular worship starting January 14th. 
The small group discussion
Meets in the Luther Chapel at 9am Sunday mornings starting January 14th and uses a short video series to spark conversation.
For more information talk to Pastor Sean Chapman - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Book Synopsis:
Joining Jesus on His Mission will alter the way you see your life as a follower of Jesus and take you beyond living your life for Jesus to living life with Jesus. Simple, powerful and applicable insights will show you how to be on mission and recognize where Jesus is already at work in your neighborhood, workplace and school. You will feel both relief and hope. You may even hear yourself say, “I can do this!” as you start responding to the everyday opportunities Jesus is placing in your path.